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The Tech-Infused $15 Million Superyacht

The award-winning Adastra launched in 2012 is an effort by Shuttleworth Design to create an upscale and comfortable yacht that fit the needs of an experienced (and extravagant) voyaging family. The result was a jaw-dropping display of modern design — an innovative 42.5-meter superyacht that features cutting-edge technology and a striking, futuristic look. As the original owner and his family bring their voyaging days to an end, the spec’d out superyacht isn’t getting much use anymore and in July 2019, it was listed for sale. Check out photos of this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vessel, built for the adventurous and experienced sailor.

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Sneakers that Helped Define the NBA Playoffs

Back in '97, Michael Jordan alongside Nike announced the launch of Jordan Brand – a first-of-its-kind move that turned Jordan's footwear line into a fully-fledged apparel company. The world of NBA player-exclusive sneakers exploded in popularity across the globe after that season and since then, memories of the biggest moments in recent NBA playoffs history are often tied to the sneakers worn by star players. Continue on for a gallery featuring sneakers worn during the NBA playoffs' most iconic moments since 1997.

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Geena Davis’ Quiet Pacific Palisades Home

Award-winning actress Geena Davis has been gracing screens since her acting debut in “Tootsie.” She’s since appeared in the fantasy comedy “Beetlejuice,” the “Stuart Little” franchise and “The Accidental Tourist” for which she received an Academy Award. Davis’s career is still going strong and she’s settled into a quiet Mediterranean-style home in Pacific Palisades, California. Check out the actress’ 5,146-square-foot home that sits on a beautifully manicured half-acre of land.

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